Economics of Happiness

Greater CPH Post had the pleasure to talk with the Associate Programmes Director, Local Futures. International Alliance for Localisation (IAL), Kristen Steele at the New Social Economy Innovation conference recently held at Malaga, Spain.

Localizing the economy, Globalizing human connection

Local Futures is a platform that believes, “modern societies have taken a fundamentally wrong turn”. As current economics dictates us as human beings to optimize monetary profits over anything else, while not prioritizing the people and planet.

Local futures is an organization that focuses on meeting real human and ecological needs through awakening to our spiritual ties to community and nature – through an ‘economics of happiness’.

This program has two major components:

• An award-winning documentary film, The Economics of Happinesswhich spells out the social, spiritual, and ecological costs of today’s global economy.

• An ongoing series of international Economics of Happiness conferences.  In each of these conferences, internationally-recognized leaders from the localization movement come together with local thinkers and activists for several days of plenary talks, panel discussions and workshops on the global-to-local theme.

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