Economics of Happiness

Listen to the full audio podcast with Kristen Steele: Local Futures. International Alliance for Localisation (IAL). The feature video is taken from Local Futures Organization’s website Greater CPH Post had the pleasure to talk with the Associate Programmes Director, Local Futures. International Alliance for Localisation (IAL), Kristen Steele at the New Social Economy Innovation conference recently held […]

Record number of immigrants becomes Swedish citizens

Over sixty thousand immigrants became Swedish citizens in 2016, which is an increase of 25 percent from the previous year. Exactly 60,343 foreign born became Swedish citizens, which is the highest number in one year. This has crossed the one million mark, according to the the state Statistics Sweden. Foreign- born Swedish nationals in 2016 […]

Building ecosystem for international FinTech startups in Greater Copenhagen

Copenhagen FinTech creates a neutral meeting place, where businesses, researchers and the public authorities can meet at a highly specialized lab. The space aims to build the ecosystem for fintech startups around Greater Copenhagen region through offering memberships to their network, sponsorships and/or via partnerships. The purpose of the meetings is not only to meet and […]